Call for Speakers

November 3, 2023

James River Church

Joplin, Missouri

We are looking for sessions that educate attendees on the changes, challenges, and opportunities of owning a business and working in a technology-driven world while sharing solid solutions to help attendees overcome those obstacles.

Please submit your proposed session no later than June 2, 2023. To download a pdf of the questions in this application, click here.

Thank you for submitting your proposed summit learning experience. Questions? Contact Doug Hunt at doug@joplincc.com.

What field do you represent? (Check one box only)

Have you presented this session at any other conferences?

Please provide a brief biography in the box below. (Fewer than 350 words)

Please provide a link to your headshot photo. (Must be in JPEG format, of decent quality and resolution, and not embedded within a Word or PDF document)

We do not recommend that summit learning experiences be led by more than four presenters (one moderator and three panelists). If you believe your session would be impactful with more than four presenters, please provide information on the additional presenters and their roles.

Using no more than 10 words, please provide a draft title for the proposed learning experience. Note that Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to edit final session titles.

Using no more than 150 words, provide a brief description of content that will be covered in your session.

Please select a format for the proposed learning experience.

Which of the following topic tags accurately categorize the proposed learning experience? Select no more than three options.

Describe three specific learning outcomes that attendees will take away from the session. To the extent possible, focus on acquisition of specific skills and strategies rather than general information or knowledge.

Will you provide samples, templates, or other tools for attendees to take back? If so, please describe them. These additional tools can be provided online (through our app or website) or handouts distributed at the session.

Do you agree to let us record and post your presentation on Chamber Academy?

Is there anything else we should know about the learning session or the presenters? If so, please provide a brief explanation below.

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