Event Schedule

Friday, November 4

7:00 AM
8:00 AM
Keynote: Shawnee Delaney, Founder and CEO of Vaillance Group, "Spy On The Inside to Insider Threats"
9:00 AM

Technology Track: Burton Kelso, Chief Tech Expert at Integral, "How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts and Websites From Hackers"

Business Innovation Track: Anthony Jones, CEO at Jones Twine & Net Wrap, Jones Boots, and Agzaga.com, "The Innovator's Mindset, Always Growing"

Cyber Resiliency Track: Tim Weber, IT security expert, "Cybersecurity Workshop: Experiencing A Ransomware Event"

Digital Community Track: Shannon McMurtrey, Associate Professor of Cyber-Risk Management at Missouri State University, "The Importance Of Having A Secure Community"

10:15 AM

Technology Track: Robert Stokes, Founder of Stokes Education Service (SES), "Robotic Dogs - Our New Best Friends"

Business Innovation Track: Ben McNelly, Founder of Pennington Station, "Embracing Bleeding Edge Tech, Without Getting Cut"

Cyber Resiliency Track: Peter Sloan, Managing Attorney at Governance Group, LLC., "Less Data is More Than Ever"

Digital Community Track: Prasad Calyam, Director of Mizzou CERI, Greg L. Gilliom Professor of Cyber Security, "Defending Small Business Cyber Assets"

11:30 AM
Pitch Competition
12:30 PM
Lunch and TECHxpo
2:15 PM

Technology Track: Eric Malone, Founder of Mericani LLC, "A Cryptospatial Journey"

Business Innovation Track: Dr. Kavita Ganesan, Founder of Opinosis Analytics, "How To Develop Your Organization's AI Strategy"

Cyber Resiliency Track: Information will be announced soon!

Digital Community Track: Heather Noggle, Owner of Global Wizard and Codistac, "Cybersecurity Advocacy: Persuasion and Cyber Hygiene"

3:30 PM
Keynote Speaker: Scott Phillips, Founder of Civic Ninjas, "Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Tulsa's Renaissance and Transformative Opportunities in Joplin
4:30 PM
That's a Wrap!

End of day prizes and pitch competition awards.

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